maandag 6 december 2010

Action Movie Clichés

I love a good action movie. Explosions, guns, fights, heroes and villains. But every action movie has its clichés. So here's a list of action movie clichés, as we often see them.

Cliché # 1: Badguys attack one by one
When the hero is surrounded by a group of badguys, they never seem to attack at the same time, when clearly that would work out better for them.

Cliché # 2: Female hostages
When someone is taking hostage in an action movie, it's a woman almost every time. Yeah, that's not sexist at all.

Cliché # 3: Badguys are lousy shots
Not the main villain, but his possy never seems to hit its target, even if it's 3 feet away and not moving.

Cliché # 4: Confidential files and documents are easy to get
Somehow they always find the right documents and files, sometimes even in a library. Yeah right.

Cliché # 5: The villain's speech
The main villain finally got the hero and then decides to have a five minute speech, where he reveals his masterplan. Really, if you got the guy, just finish him off. It's much easier.

Cliché # 6: The ticking time bomb
Bombs are always on timers and they never seem to end. The hero cuts the right wire, at 00:01.

Cliché # 7: "Stay right there"
When te hero is accompanied by a child or a woman, he often tells them to 'stay right there'. Off course they never do and they mess up the entire plan.

Cliché # 8: Out of bullets
The hero never seems to be out of bullets, you hardly ever see them reload their gun. Only at the time he's about to shoot his enemy, he's out of amo.

Cliché # 9: Not dead?
Sometimes people get shot, but they get up anyway. Or they miraculously show up in the end scene. The villain resurrects at least three times before being dead.

Cliché # 10: No Scratch
Characters jump out of buildings, through windows, off bridges, out of a moving car. If we try this, we'd probably be dead. The hero gets up without a scratch on him.

Cliché # 11: Fireball in the background
When something explodes, just walk away very cool. Or run a little and hide behind a car.

Cliché # 12: Sliding doors
The hero's being chased and the garage door is about to close. They always seem to slight right under it. And they always make it.

Cliché # 13: Everyone can crack
Computers are secure? My ass! Everyone seems to be a computer cracker. Even kids!

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