zondag 26 december 2010

Christmas gifts

It's Christmas time and I love it. Every year, but this year is a little bit more special. It is my first white Christmas. Technically last year was a white Christmas in The Netherlands too, but the part where I live didn't have snow at that time. So this is officialy my first white Christmas ever!!
We also exchanged gifts and I got a lot of stuff for my house, because I'm planning on moving out soon. So I got a lot of practical gifts, but I'm very happy with my gifts. Here are my Christmas presents:

A shower curtain and a bath mat:

Perfume and bodylotion of Anais Anais by Cacharel:

"Die Hard" and "Inception" on DVD:

Book "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown (in Dutch):

A strainer and some kitchen tools:

A toiletbrush, trashcan, soappump, toothbrush holder and a cup. All fot the bathroom:

An ovenmitt and potholders:

A cutting board in the shape of a rabbit. Cute huh, looks like my bunny Oscar:

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