dinsdag 10 april 2012

Best of... Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is a joy to watch. He's funny, charming and he can have this sweet innocent look where he spouts his lips. I've seen many of his films and here are my favorites.

"The Cable Guy"
He only has a small role in it, but this movie is so hilarious that I had to put it on the list. Remember, he plays the dude Leslie Mann's character dates and then he is beaten up by Jim Carrey in the bathroom. We've got to thank Carrey for the fun moments.

I discovered Owen Wilson was in this movie after watching it for the third or fourth time. There's not much to it, it's just great action and a lot of spectacle. That works for me when I'm in the right mood. The moment where Bruce Willis' character dies crushes me everytime.

"Shanghai Noon"
Western isn't my favorite genre, but for some reason me and my mom always watch this film and laugh out loud at the same jokes over and over again. This movie never bores me and the duo Jackie Chan/ Owen Wilson just works perfectly.

"Meet the Parents"
The first movie in this series was fun. It all went down hill from there. The scene with Robert De Niro questioning Ben Stiller while wired to a lie detector is most memorable. And I love Mr. Jinx, the cat that goes to the toilet.

"The Royal Tenenbaums"
A weird family and also a pretty strange film. The black comedy counterbalanced with the drama of the issues raised in this film left me feeling like I'd witnessed a film event, rather than just another film.

"Behind Enemy Lines"
With this movie Owen proved he wasn't only just a funny guy. You actually take him seriously as an actor while watching "Behind Enemy Lines". Very solid performance and an exciting movie.

"I Spy"
Owen Wilson together with Eddie Murphy, that just has to work. Not a very special film but I always liked it. Enjoyable.

"Shanghai Knights"
Not as hilarious as the first one, but still extremely funny. And also a movie I almost always watch when it's on. I especially liked the references they make to for example Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chaplin and Jack the Ripper.

"The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"
It's fun, imaginative and tragic. Not everyones taste but just appreciate it for what it is.

"Wedding Crashers"
I've watched it many times and I still love it. Vaughn and Wilson are a great duo and I also enjoy watching Wilson together with Rachel McAdams. They have great chemistry.

Disney Pixar movies hardly turn me down, even if they are about cars which I know practically nothing about and never interest me in real life. Lightning McQueen is a hero to the little boys in my class and he's voiced by Owen.

"Nigh at the Museum"
When I saw this film in the cinema I thought: "Finally, an original movie again". It really was. Great entertainment, humor, action.

"Marley & Me"
My second favorite on this list. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston both touched my heart with this movie and I love it to death. I also read the book, which made me cry just as hard. Owen and Jen are awesome and Marley.... I love that guy.

"Midnight in Paris"
This is my favorite Owen Wilson movie. This is just a piece of art. How creative was Woody Allen when he made this movie? I love Paris and I love Owen's character Gil Pender. I also liked seeing Rachel McAdams in a different role and together with Owen again. LOVED IT!!

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