donderdag 19 april 2012

Top 5 Thursday: “Sons of Anarchy” Season 1 Episodes

I recently started re-watching “Sons of Anarchy”, because we still have to wait for season 5. So far season 4 is the best season, I’m currently watching season 3, but I’m going to dedicate this top 5 to the very beginning of the show. Here are my favorite episodes from season 1.

5. Episode 13 – Old Bones
Three skeletons are found. Clay tells the crew they where Mayans and they need to stop the cops from identifying the bodies. What they don’t know is that one of the bodies belongs to Lowell Harland Sr., a former mechanic at Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair, who Clay killed because he was a ‘rat junkie’ (his words). Jax later finds out. He also finds out about Agent Kohn and why he’s actually in Charming. Chibs trains Half Sack for a boxing match he needs to win for a lot of money.

4. Episode 12 – The Sleep of Babies
Because ATF agent Stahl is following Opie, Clay and Tig think Opie has turned on them. Opie doesn’t know that Stahl bugged his car and phone. Clay and Tig plan a hit on Opie. The first time Tig has a clear shot at Opie, but he can’t shoot him because he just saved Tig’s life. After Abel’s homecoming party Tig follows Opie. When Unser tells Clay that Opie wasn’t working with Stahl, Clay tries to call Tig. Too late, he’s already on his way to Opie. When he fires shots at Opie’s truck, he sees he accidentally shot Opie’s wife Donna. When Opie finds Donna dead, it’s heartbreaking.

3. Episode 5 – Giving Back
Gemma organizes a fundraiser. She is approached by the wife of former member Kyle Hobart, the guy that got Opie in jail. She wants Kyle to attend the fund raiser, for their kids. At first the club is okay with it, but when they see he still has the ink they decide to take action. Clay gives Kyle a choice: knife or fire. He chooses fire and they burn off his tattoo.

2. Episode 8 - The Pull
The Sons intend to meet Michael McKeavy but instead meet Cameron Hayes, who later turns out to play an important part in season 2 and the beginning of season 3. They end up in a gunfight, with Hayes being hit. Chibs and Juice try to patch him up, with the help of Tara. When Tara goes home, Agent Kohn is waiting for her. He shoots him and she calls Jax. He kills Kohn and gets rid of the body.

1. Episode 3 – Fun Town
In this episode the club is trying to find the rapist of a young girl, the daughter of Elliot Oswald. Clay and his guys helping Oswald is actually a very important happening in the show, because he later mentions Oswald owing them something. Oh, and that scene with Juice in the diaper is just hilarious and unforgettable.

They almost made the top 5: Episode 1 – Pilot, Episode 10 – Better Half, Episode 9 – Hell Followed, Episode 13 – The Revelator

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