zondag 9 december 2012

Check This Out # 4

I found some great things on the web again. First I found this photo of Tom Hanks. He helps a random guy to take the collest drunk pictures ever!!

And here's a link with more pictures: Coolest drunk pictures EVER!!

I know what to ask for Christmas. I found this book on the internet. I love movies and love to make lists, so this is the perfect book for me. For example: Movie stars you can't bear to watch, favorite gangster movies, comic book adaptations you give two thumbs up, classic movies you'd love to see remade and favorite films about social change. THE present for me. And there are more versions of this book.

This video made me laugh. Someone is trying to fool a frog with his Iphone. But the frog eventually doesn't like to be messed with.

Fooling a bulfrog

And finally this wonderful "Jurassic Park" boxset. Awesome!!

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