zaterdag 15 december 2012

In My Maibox (74)

Six postcards this week. The first one got lost and the sender decided to send me a new one. This is an OK postcard, but when I saw the original card I nearly cried. it was a wonderful elephant card.... But it's always nice when the sender is so kind to resend a card. It's from Coburg, Germany.

Sent: october 30th 2012
Received: december 10th 2012
Distance: 364 km (226 miles)
Travel Time: 41 days

This postcard, from Hrodna, Belarus, really has a huge aaaw-factor. It's super adorable.

Sent: december 4th 2012
Received: december 11th 2012
Distance: 1,240 km (771 miles)
Travel Time: 7 days

My first card from Bulgaria. From a town called Sliven. A real cute puppy postcard. The writer was also a big movie fan and "Forrest Gump" was her favorite.

Sent: november 27th 2012
Received: december 12th 2012
Distance: 1,805 km (1,122 miles)
Travel Time: 15 days

A Christmas card from Tilburg, the Netherlands. She was surprised that I didn't liked religious cards. Well, they just freak me out, that's all. But I'm glad she didn't send me one. I like Santa.

Sent: december 5th 2012
Received: december 12th 2012
Distance: 73 km (45 miles)
Travel Time: 7 days

My favorite of the week also came from the Netherlands, this time Rotterdam. Sesamestreet!!! And Oscar is on it too. My rabbit is named after this muppet.

Sent: december 10th 2012
Received: december 13th 2012
Distance: 132 km (82 miles)
Travel Time: 3 days

Most people don't like add cards, but I do when they're vintage. This one came from Medan, Indonesia. And it has Dutch features, because we are a bicycle country.

Sent: december 1st 2012
Received: december 14th 2012
Distance: 9,883 km (6,141 miles)
Travel Time: 13 days

Thanks Sabrina, Anna, Hrissy, Jolijn, Maureen and Nora for your wonderful.

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