zaterdag 30 november 2013

In My Mailbox (124)

Fout officials and one private swap this week. The first came from Fayetteville, North Carolina, US. Although I'm not a fan of multiview cards, I do like this. I like waterfalls.

Sent: october 21st 2013
Received: november 24th 2013
Distance: 6,733 km (4,184 miles)
Travel Time: 34 days

A card from my own country the Netherlands. Oosterhout to be exact. This is a children's book character called "Floddertje". She has a very clean mom and every single time Floddertje manages to get dirty. Real fun for kids.... and adults, haha!

Sent: november 20th 2013
Received: november 24th 2013
Distance: 93 km (58 miles)
Travel Time: 4 days

A lovely dolphin card from Cologne, Germany. It has an Oscar Wilde quote on it. It says: "Life is to important to take seriously".

Sent: november 23rd 2013
Received: november 27th 2013
Distance: 74 km (46 miles)
Travel Time: 4 days

A very gorgeous card from Orenburg, Russia. I love ferriswheel. Not to be in them, but just the look of them.

Sent: november 17th 2013
Received: november 30th 2013br /> Distance: 3,345 km (2,078 miles)
Travel Time: 13 days

And two cards from my friend in Gatchina, Russia.

Thanks Wade, Chantal, Werner, Maria and Anton for your wonderful cards this week!

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