vrijdag 15 november 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Blue Valentine"

This movie sounds like a romance, something to feel good about. Well, think again. It's a pretty depressing film actually, but amazing. Only two main characters, but plenty to talk about.

Dean Pereira
Played by: Ryan Gosling
Dean is a high school dropout, working for a New York moving company. Later in life he starts painting houses and he's pretty content with his life. He's a loving father and he also loves Cindy, but sometimes he takes things for granted. Dean tries to persuade Cindy to give the relationship another chance, because they used to be in love with each other so much. He thinks a night together in a motel solves all their problems, but when Cindy has to leave for work Dean freaks out. Although Dean has good intentions, he thinks to lighty about things.

Cindy Heller-Pereira
Played by: Michelle Williams
Cindy is a pre-med student living with her unhappy parents and caring for her grandmother. When Cindy becomes a nurse, she thinks Dean drinks too much and he lacks ambition. She doesn't know if she wants their daughter Frankie to grow up in a home with parents who are so hateful to each other, because Cindy doesn't feel any love for Dean anymore. Cindy is troubled, confused and filled with all sorts of emotions.

Favorite Character: Cindy Heller-Pereira

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