donderdag 28 november 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Masterchef Australia Contestants

I’m not a very good cook, I’m ok at it, although I love to bake. But I also really enjoy to watch “Masterchef”. To be more specific, the Australian version. It brought forward some great cooks and these five are my favorites over the five seasons.

5. Rishi Desai (4th place, series 5)
He was considered the favourite, so it was a shock when Rishi got eliminated. He had so many great dishes, that also looked stunning. And I loved Rishi’s sense of humour.

4. Justine Schofield (4th place, series 1)
I didn’t like it when she was eliminated, but everything turned out great for her. I love her TV-show, “Everday Gourmet”.

3. Dani Venn (4th place, series 3)
She was always very cheery, but could get flustered whenever the pressure got to her. Dani was very inventive and she knew a lot about Asian cuisine. Do you remember her rice burger?

2. Hayden Quinn (6th place, series 3)
He was the first one that year who won an immunity pin. Hayden was also the kindest contestant, who you didn’t think was such a gifted cook.

1. Lynton Tapp (2nd place, series 5)
When Lynton came to this competition, he wasn’t as experienced as the other contestants. He really grew and he made it to the final. I think he should have one, because he grew so much and he got three tens in that final!

They Almost Made the Top 5: Daniel Churchill (8th place, series 5), Poh Ling Yeoh (2nd place, series 1), Adam Liaw (winner, series 2), Emma Dean (winner, series 5), Ellie Paxton-Hall (5th place, series 3), Kumar Pereira (11th place, series 3)

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