zaterdag 4 januari 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 6: The Magic of Belle Isle

Director: Rob Reiner
Genre: Comedy/ Drama
Runtime: 109 minutes
Year: 2012
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Kenan Thompson, Fred Willard, Kevin Pollack, Emma Fuhrmann, Madeline Carroll, Nicolette Pierini

Description: Monty Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman), an alcoholic novelist of Westerns, has lost his drive. His nephew (Kenan Thompson) pushes him to Summer in quiet Bell Isle. He begrudgingly befriends a newly single mom (Virginia Madsen) and her 3 girls who help him find the inspiration to write again.

Review: After “The Bucket List” (2007) director Rob Reiner and actor Morgan Freeman work together again. He plays the grumpy writer Monte WIldhorn. He spends the summer in Belle Isle, where his cousin Henry thinks he might have some time for writing new material. Monte spends most of his time drinking, but when he meets the young Finnegan, one of the neighbours daughters, we see Monte change and he finds his inspiration again.
Like almost every other time, Morgan Freeman shines in this movie. With his charming and calm way of acting he wins over all the hearts. Especially the conversations he has with the dog are a joy to watch. Emma Fuhrmann, who plays Finnegan, is a talent to watch. It’s a movie for any age and Rob Reiner made a beautiful movie with, off course, a message. And he doesn’t sugarcoat the story, which makes is as good as it is.

Rating: 4/ 5

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