vrijdag 3 januari 2014

Movie Moments: "Beauty & the Beast"

As a kid, I was obsessed with this movie. I was never a girlie girl, but this movie made me want to be Belle. That was just a phase, but I still love this movie. It’s my favorite Disney animated feature. Here are the best moments.

Moment # 1: Bonjour
We meet Belle and het boring town. She’s walking to the library and all the villagers start singing “Bonjour”.

Moment # 2: Maurice enters the castle
Maurice is off to the inventors convention and decides to take a shortcut. He and horse Phillipe get lost and the horse gets scared and runs off. Because Maurice is hunted by wolves now, he flees to a castle and enters it. He meets LumiĆ©re and Cogsworth, a talking candlestick and clock, who are really nice to him. So are the other servants, but then the master of the house enters: Beast. He isn’t so charmed about him visiting and throws him in the tower as his prisoner.

Moment # 3: Belle frees her dad
Phillipe shows Belle where her dad went and she also finds the castle. When she finds Maurice, she also meets the Beast. They make an agreement: Maurice goes free, but Belle has to stay forever. Belle accepts.

Moment # 4: Gaston
If he wasn’s arrogant enough, everyone I the bar starts singing how great Gaston is.

Moment # 5: Be our guest
Belle didn’t want to have dinner with Beast, but she is hungry. She sneaks out of her room. The servants make her feel right at home and give her a wonderful dinner.

Moment # 6: Beast saves Belle
After Beast catches Belle in the westwing, she runs away. Wolves are trying to attack her, but Beast saves her. Because one of the wolves bit Beast, Belle has to take him back to the castle where she patches him up.

Moment # 7: The library
Beast wants to do something for Belle. He shows her his library and gives it to her.

Moment # 8: The dance
Beast and Belle have dinner and dance, while Mrs. Potts sings.

Moment # 9: The fight
When Gaston finds out the Beast is real, he and all the villagers attack the castle. But the servants are not going to let that happen.

Moment # 10: The spell is lifted
Beast is injured and the rose has almost lost all its petals. When Belle tells Beast she loves him, the spell is lifted and everyone is human again. Belle and Beast live happily ever after.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 1: Bonjour

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