vrijdag 6 juni 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 69: Daglicht

Director: Diederik van Rooijen
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 114 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Angela Schijf, Fedja van Huet, Monique van de Ven, Thijs Römer, Victor Löw, Matteo van der Grijn, Derek de Lint, Daniel Verbaan

Description: The ambitious lawyer Iris (Angela Schijf) has to find a balance between her single motherhood and her job as attorney of shady cases. When she is housesitting for her mother, she discovers a dark family secret.

Review: “Daglicht” is an adaptation of the novel by Dutch author Marion Pauw, which was released in 2008. The story follows Iris, a single mother with a son who shows signs of autism. Her icy cold mother helps her out when she’s working. When Iris is keeping an eye on her mother’s house, she finds out she has a brother, Ray. He’s in jail for the double murder of a young woman and her baby. Iris starts to investigate the case and realizes that the truth isn’t out in the open yet.
The story is very good, you get sucked in very easily. There is this mysterious atmosphere. “Daglicht” manages to stay mysterious until the end. This makes the ending very surprising and you never see it coming.
Because the storyline is so complex, not all subplots and characters are executed the way they should.
Although I’m Dutch, I’m not a huge fan of the movies made in my country. But there are two kinds of films the Dutch know to do well: kids and young adult films, and thrillers. It’s a very solid thriller, that kept me on the edge of my seat. Well done!

Rating: 3,5 / 5

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