donderdag 26 juni 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Lifeguards from "Bondi Rescue"

I’m not often a fan of a reality show, but I’m really hooked on “Bondi Rescue”, which follows real-life lifeguards on Bondi Beach in Australia. “Baywatch” was my favourite show growing up and this is just as awesome. Handsome and nice Australian men trying to save people’s lives, I’m a fan! Here are my favourite lifeguards from the show.

5. Andrew Reid aka Reidy
Reidy got into lifeguarding because he thought it was rewarding and fun. And fun he is as well, because he’s a very likeable man. He actually has a really cool blog you should check out:
4. Daniel McLaughlin aka Beardy
It's no secret why he got his nickname, I boy do I love a man with a beard. Beardy is a Carpenter and a very good lifeguard. He also likes agood joke at times.
3. Jesse Pollock
Jesse is one of the newer lifeguards, who started as a trainee. He is also a very good surfer. I loved that episode where he created a human ladder or the one where he tried to catch a rat.

2. Ryan Clark aka Whippet
He’s been saving lives since the age of 12, which is amazing. Whippet got the nickname because he was very skinny when he was younger, like a Whippet. He likes to pull pranks, especially on Kerrbox.

1. Chris Chapman aka Chappo
Chappo is one of the fittest and most experienced lifeguards on Bondi. I don’t know why, but I liked Chappo from the start. When he caught a man stealing, he was so mad, but he also felt sad. His fellow lifeguards say Chappo always tries to see the good in people.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Greg Bishop aka Bisho, Harry Nightingale aka H, Quinn Daragh aka Quinno, Rod Kerr aka Kerrbox, Michael Jenkins aka Mouse

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