donderdag 11 december 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Saddest Deaths on "Sons of Anarchy"

The series finale aired this week and it was epic. I’m sad “Sons of Anarchy” has ended, but I also think it was the right time for it. Some great moments we shared with the guys and we lost some great characters along the way. Here are the five saddest deaths on “Sons of Anarchy”.

5. Bobby Munson (Season 7)
He was probably the most loyal club member of them all. After his finger and eye were taken already, he was shot by August Marks, right in front of Jax and the guys.
4. Otto Delaney (Season 6)
We know Kurt Sutter killed off many people on the show, but the character he portrays himself probably had the hardest role. His life of torture and suffering was ended by a bunch of guards after Otto killed Lee Toric.
3. Wayne Unser (Season 7)
I think everyone expected him to die sooner, because he had cancer. But he made it a long way. He was killed by Jax in the episode before the series finale and I hated that. I really wanted Unser to make it to the end.
2. Juan Carlos ‘Juice’ Ortiz (Season 7)
One of the sweetest characters of the show spend the entire season 7 hiding and running from the club. Juice helped Gemma to cover the murder of Tara. After telling Jax about it when Juice was in jail, he was ready to leave this life. Fellow inmate Tully stabbed him in the neck.
1. Harry ‘Opie’ Winston (Season 5)
Opie probably died in the most brutal way of them all. The fan favourite died in particularly brutal fashion (a pipe to the back of the head) after volunteering to take one for the team. Epecially his best friend Jax, while they are in prison. It was violent. It was devastating.
They Almost Made the Top 5: Half-Sack, Piney Winston (Season 4), Donna Winston (Season 1), Gemma Teller (Season 7) Tara Knowles (Season 6), Jax Teller (Season 7)

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