dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Monthly 4: July 2015

It was a weird month. A month where I had to make a hard decision, discovered new friendships and it was shown to me that I have the most awesome family and friends. Here are my favorite moments of July 2015.
1. When I’m feeling down, my friends and family always know how to cheer me up. Since December 2014 there is a new person that does that too: Vayèn!

2. After a tough couple of weeks I made a very difficult decision: quit as a teacher and start something new. What that new is, I yet have to discover. But I went out with a bang, having a great time with my co-workers (Inge and Matty on the photo.

3. With that same Inge and Matty I went to the amusement park Phantasialand in Germany. Fun time, which also always needs some cotton candy. It’s so bad for you, but it’s also soooo good!

4. A couple of days after our rollercoaster adventure, Matty, Inge and I went to Cologne. We climb the stairs of the “Kölner Dom” (533 steps up, 533 steps down!). It was a fun day!

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