zaterdag 15 augustus 2015

100 Movie Challenge 2015 - # 96: Shaun the Sheep Movie

Director: Mark Burton, Richard Starzack
Genre: Animation/ Family/ Adventure
Runtime: 85 minutes
Year: 2015
Starring: Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Omid Djalili, Richard Webber, Kate Harbour, Tim Hands, Simon Greenall, Emma Tate, Henry Burton, Dhimant Vyas, Sophie Laughton, Nia Medi James, Nick Park, Andy Nyman, Stanley Unwin

Description: When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

Review: Lots of people have been enjoying the adventures of Shaun the Sheep for a while. This animated character, who first appeared in “Wallace and Gromit”, got his own show in 2007. The British production company Aardman decided to make a full length film.
The local farm animals try to change their daily routine, but get into a lot of trouble. It sounds a lot like the plot to “Chicken Run”, also made by Aardman. But it’s still very original and extremely entertaining. And the movie has no narration or dialogue, whatsoever.
“Shaun the Sheep” is a very optimistic movie. Although the sheep are in big trouble, they are having the adventure of their life. It always amazes me, stop motion and Claymation. As a creative mind myself it fascinates me how dedicated you have to be to create such a movie. There is so much detail and the characters all look amazing.
“Shaun the Sheep” is not as good as “Wallace and Gromit”, maybe also because it’s targeting a younger audience. But the film succeeds in entertaining the audience and it’s just a lot of fun.

Rating: 3,5/ 5

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