vrijdag 29 januari 2016

Movie Favorites: Drive

Synopsis: A mysterious man (Ryan Gosling) who has multiple jobs as a garage mechanic, a Hollywood stuntman and a getaway driver seems to be trying to escape his shady past as he falls for his neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan) - whose husband is in prison and who's looking after her child alone. Meanwhile, his garage mechanic boss is trying to set up a race team using gangland money, which implicates our driver as he is to be used as the race team's main driver. Our hero gets more than he bargained for when he meets the man who is married to the woman he loves.
Unique Selling Point: Magnificent montage, great camera work. An easy switch between fast action sequences and slower scenes. Sharp dialogues and on edge humor. The acting is strong, the movie is visually stunning, this is powerful cinema. Very impressive and intriguing.

Most Valuable Player: Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel, it’s pure art.

Best Moment: The elevator scene. Driver and Irene are in the elevator when he sees the other passenger is carrying a gun. Driver wants to protect Irene and he pushes her back, kisses her and then he smashes up the guys face.

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