donderdag 21 januari 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Movies That Make Me Happy

Everyone has a list like this. Movies that put a smile on your face, movies you watch to feel better. Well, here’s mine.

5. Pride & Prejudice
It’s based on my favorite book. Doesn’t every woman want her own version of Mr. Darcy? The most romantic story of all time and one to sweep me off my feet every time. A movie that is good for my mood.
4. Love Actually
Secretly I’m a hopeless romantic and a movie like “Love Actually” gives me exactly what I need in my non-romantic life. Sugar sweet, but oh so good for me.
3. Amélie
I love random acts of kindness and Amélie takes that very seriously. She actually still believes in the goodness of people and little things make her happy. I want her to be my friend, because she always brightens my day.
2. Little Miss Sunshine
This family is just too quirky to function, but that’s what’s so great. No matter what other people think, they will stand together. And that dance scene is just something that will curl up the corner of your mouth. Any mouth.
1. Singin’ in the Rain
There’s just something about Gene Kelly singing in the rain. First, rain always makes me smile for some reason and I always love it when others do. So this is the perfect film to make me happy. It always cheers me up!
They Almost Made the Top 5: Happy Go Lucky, Julie & Julia, Intouchables, Elf, Juno

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