donderdag 19 mei 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Good Movies with Terrible Endings

Nothing can ruin an otherwise great night out at the movies like an ending that undoes all of the goodwill the film had built up. Movies that would have been perfect, if they had just changed the ending. Here are five good films with terrible endings. *SPOILERS*

5. Signs
I love “Signs”, it’s probably my second favorite of all of Shyamalan’s films. The ending just doesn’t make sense. The aliens, which were supposed to be intelligent, invade Earth and reveal their weakness: water. So they choose to invade a world composed majority of water?

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The movie is perfectly hilarious and funny, up until the ending. The police arrive, tell the Pythons they've run out of money and arrest them. It’s like they ran out of ideas. It’s just way to silly, even for Monty Python.

3. I Am Legend
While “I Am Legend” deviates from its original source material, the movie exchanges a brilliant twist for a standard Hollywood ending. Instead of Will Smith coming to the realization that he’s the real monster in the movie, he sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity. Oh, what could’ve been?

2. The Forgotten
The Forgotten” follows a Telly who is desperately trying to find her son. The premise? No one believes her when she tells them she has a son, not even her own husband. Viewers will wonder whether Telly is absolutely crazy? Perhaps there’s a government cover up, or something even more sinister going on. But no one would be able to predict the ending that came about, and for all the wrong reasons. Aliens. Yes, aliens abducted her son.

1. The Devil’s Advocate
Milton is revealed to be Lucifer and Kevin is his son. Kevin destroys his father’s plan by killing himself. The story itself rewinds and Kevin returns to the film’s first scenes, where he makes a different choice. What? Why? It ruined the movie for me.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Superman

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