donderdag 26 mei 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Pranks Jim Pulled on Dwight on "The Office"

“The Office US” is one of my favorite shows. I liked the concept, the characters and the humor, but maybe my favorite parts was the rivalry between Jim and Dwight. Jim lived for pranking Dwight, so I ranked my five favorite pranks.

5. Jim convinces Dwight he is a vampire
After Dwight finds a bat and lets it loose around the office, Jim claims he was bitten by it. He then pretends to burn his hand on garlic bread, touches his teeth as if he’s getting fangs and pretends to get a headache from Angela’s crucifiz. This convinces Dwight that Jim is now a vampre.

4. Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O
This is the first Jim/ Dwight prank. Dwight angrily retrieves a plate of Jell-o with his stapler stuck in it. Jim asks Dwight: “How dow you know it was me?” while eating a pot of Jell-o.

3. Tricking Dwight into thinking it’s Friday instead of Thursday
Dwight think’s it’s Friday, so Jim and Pam try to convince him further, causing Dwight to miss work the next day. And he also claimed he had never been late.

2. Wrapping paper desk
When Dwight arrives to a gift-wrapped gift, he thinks Jim has just gone to the trouble of wrapping up all his belongings. In fact, everything is made out of cardboard and when Dwight sits down, he falls and destroys the whole thing.

1. Dwight’s desk items in the vending machine
Jim manages to put all the contents on Dwight’s desk in the offive vending machine. Dwight now has to buy all of his own stuff back with the nickels Jim gives him.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Steve takes Jim’s place, Jim dresses up as Dwight, Faxes from ‘Future Dwight’, Velcro suit

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