donderdag 5 mei 2016

Top 5 Thursday: Movies I Watched for My Challenge (April 2016)

This month I saw lots of new films, lots of good ones and lots of classics. Here are the five best films I saw this month, for my 100 movie challenge.

5. Zootopia
People who know me, know how much I love rabbits. So I was super excited to see a film with a bunny as one of the leads. “Zootopia” is so well made, it looks beautiful and it was super funny (that scene with the sloths). Disney didn’t disappoint, again!

4. On the Waterfront
I understand why “On the Waterfront” is a classic. I’m glad to finally check it off of my ‘must-see’ list. And I just love young Marlon Brando.

3. Martha Marcy May Marlene
I didn’t know what to expect. Elizabeth Olsen was so good in this film. And the story was very interesting and sometimes shocking.

2. The Soloist
Such a beautiful story, based on real events. I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx together and apart. Great film.

1. Mr. Holland’s Opus This film was so inspiring and I loved Richard Dreyfuss as Mr. Holland. I cried, I really cried.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Deliverance, Secretary, Son of Saul, The Good Dinosaur

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