woensdag 14 december 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 163: Stealing Harvard

Director: Bruce McCulloch
Genre: Comedy/ Crime
Runtime: 85 minutes
Year: 2002
Starring: Jason Lee, Leslie Mann, Tom Green, Dennis Farina, Megan Mullally, John C. McGinley, Richard Jenkins, Martin Starr, Chris Penn

Description: A middle-class man (Jason Lee) turns to a life of crime in order to finance his niece's first year at Harvard University.

Review: The plot for “Stealing Harvard” is as simple as the film itsel. John once made a primuse to us niece, that if she ever got accepted to college, he would pay for it. When the time arrives, he just got the that money. But he is about to marry his fiancĂ©e and buy a house. To keep his promise to his niece, he asks his loser friend Duff for help.
The film isn’t as bad as I would think, especially since it stars Tom Green. Jason Lee plays a likeable character, somewhat reminding me of his character Earl in “My Name is Earl”. Some other supporting roles are for Leslie Mann, Megan Mullally and John C. McGinley, which are fun as well. Tom Green is, as always, over the top and not that funny. At least I don’t find his humor that laughable.
It’s okay, the movie is easy to sit through, but also pretty forgettable.

Rating: 2,5/ 5

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