vrijdag 30 december 2016

Top 10: Worst Movies I Watched for My 2016 Challenge

Sadly enough I was also exposed to some terrible films, crap piles, shitty flicks, snooze fests and simply ‘why did they make this’ – films. Here are the 10 worst films I watched for my challenge.

10. Last Tango in Paris
People call it a classic, but I think this was a terrible film. And besides that, this film creeped me out. Especially after reading about that ‘rape’ story. Not Marlon Brando’s best work.

9. Black Christmas
Do horror remakes ever work. “Black Christmas” at least doesn’t proof that. All you want is for all those annoying frat girls to get slashed. That’s never a good sign.

8. Knock Knock
I’m always defending Keanu Reeves when people call him a bad actor. He isn’t. But even I couldn’t protect Reeves from this pile of shit. What a dumb film, which looked so promising. I hated this movie. And I still can’t understand how two idiot girls could outsmart Reeves’ character so easily.

7. The Ape
As much as I love James Franco, I hope he erases this from his resumé. Not a good film, not interesting, weird, it makes no sense.

6. Point Break (remake)
As much as I love the original with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, that’s how much I hated the remake. It was like I was watching one long extreme sports commercial. The movie sucks and is not memorable whatsoever.

5. Little Nicky
I know we shouldn’t take this movie to seriously, but it’s such a ridiculous movie. I can take a lot from Adam Sandler, I forgive him for a lot just because I think he is so funny. But “Little Nicky” is just too much ridiculousness for my liking.

4. Neighbors
It sounded like so much fun, especially with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd involved. But this was such an unfunny film, I can’t remember laughing even once. No, “Neighbors” was really bad.

3. Sharknado
Although I love shark movies, this was just too stupid. Especially seeing how serious the actors are in this film. I secretly always love to watch bad shark movies, just to laugh at them.

2. Cube
Someone lend me this film, she was so excited about this film. But “Cube” is the second worst film I have seen this year. I haven’t seen acting this bad in a while. What a crap fest.

1. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Another sequel to an already not that great franchise. This movie has nothing to do with the original stories and there is no reason or explanation why the hook man is following these people. When the killer turned out to be a supernatural being, I just couldn’t bear to watch it. I sat it out though.

Dishonorable Mentions: The Lone Ranger, He Knows You’re Alone, Absolute Beginners, Unfriended, Pixels, Hush, New York Stories, Nine, Vacation, Runner Runner, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Secret in Their Eyes

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