zondag 12 april 2009

Great New Sit-Com

Have you ever seen "Gary Unmarried"? It's a new sit-com starring Jay Mohr as Gary Brooks. He just got divorced from Allison and together they have two kids, Louise and Tom. His ex-wife allready moved on and has a fiance, Walter, who was their marriage counselor.
The show is hilarious and Gary is sooooo funny. Especially the old-man jokes he makes towards Walter. With so much junk on TV these days it was about time that we got a good new sit-com. This one just cracks me up, every single time. I just laugh out loud, very loud. I also love Tom, such a funny character. Just like his 'dad'. I hope that, if I have a son in the future, he will turn out like Tom ;) . Allison, Walter, Dennis and Louise are also funny in their own way. This is just a great show, I absolutely LOVE it!!!.
"Gary Unmarried" is a show worth watching and a half hour full of humour. Give it a try.

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