maandag 6 april 2009

Movie Tip #18 - Brokeback Mountain

Director: Ang Lee

Starring: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Randy Quaid, Linda Cardellini, Anna Faris, Kate Mara

Description: In the Summer of 1963 Wyoming, two young men, Ennis (Heath Ledger) a ranch hand and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) an aspiring rodeo bull rider, are sent to work together herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain, and what had otherwise been anticipated to be a rather uneventful venture, will soon turn into an affair of love, of lust, and complications that will spand through 19 years of their lives. Through marriage, through children, and through the mighty grip of societal confines and the expectations of what it is to be a man.

Review: It's a love story that starts out without love and finishes with a love that never ends. "Brokeback Mountain" is so much more than merely a "gay cowboy movie". It perfectly captures what true, unbridled love is all about and this love transcends any issues of sexuality or gender.Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall are magnificent and if not for them, I think this film would have been a massive disappointment. Instead just thinking of Ennis and Jack's stolen embrace and kiss in broad daylight after being apart for four years is enough to make my heart skip a beat and my stomach lurch. Everything about that scene is perfect. This movie is perfect. It's just a wonderfull movie, that I can watch over and over again.

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