woensdag 29 april 2009

Movies that make me cry...

I don't often cry when I'm watching a movie, but sometimes I just can't help it. Here are my tearjerkers, and why (SPOILER ALERT!!!):

- E.T. Still, after all those years, that little alien can make me cry. When he tells Elliot "I'll be right here" and he points to his heart I just go boehoe.

- King Kong Wnen Kong is on the Empire State Building with Ann and he gets shot. It's too harsh! The last look he gives Ann before he falls of the building, just sad. I can't understand how someone can not cry.

- Hotel Rwanda It's a very touching story. When Paul has to stay at the hotel and he has to leave his wife and kids, that's a very emotional moment.

- Gorillas in the Mist The moment where Dian finds Diggit dead. I can hardly watch it, just awfull.

- Armegeddon The movie itself isn't really doing it for me, but when Bruce Willes' character dies at the end and you see Liv Tyler wathcing the screens and she starts crying. Yep, so do I.

- Love Actually The scene with the kid and him running through the airport for the girl. That's just so heartwarming that it makes me wheep.

- The Shawshank Redemption It's my favourite movie, but the end is great. When Red finally gets to see Andy again... those are tears of joy!

- Brokeback Mountain At the end when Ennis looks at Jack's blouse and says "Jack, I swear...." I really don't know why, but there I go again.

- Marley & Me The most recent film that made me cry. But come on, it's suppposed to be a comedy. It's a real sad ending. But a great movie really!

- The Green Mile The moment where John Coffey is executed, it's just heartbreaking!

I'm sure there are more movies, but these are the once that came to my mind thinking of this subject. Well, try them and see it the same thing happens to you, haha...

X Joyce

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