woensdag 16 september 2009

Best Movies Ever... according to Joyce

I've never showed you my top ten movies. Here it is:

# 10 Little Miss Sunshine
I love the characters in this film. Their very quirky, but you love every single one of them. The loving mother, the father who hates losers, the son that doesn't talk because of Nietzsche, the daughter who wants to be a beautyqueen, the suicidal gay brother and the cocaine sniffing and porn loving grandpa.

# 9 Pride & Prejudice (2006)
I'm a big fan of Jane Austens work, but this is without a doubt my favourite. Elizabeth Bennett is a great character and I like her position in life. She has her own will and opinion and she doesn't care what others think.

# 8 Kill Bill Vol. 2
Better then the first. This one is more about the characters and it shows us a more emotional side of The Bride.

# 7 Stand By Me
Great story about four friends who don't fit in anywhere and they are a weird bunch together. True friendship is hard to find, but the kids from this film are true friends.

# 6 Lost in Translation
The simplest stories sometimes make the best movies. "Lost in Translation" proves that. It's a wonderfull film about two real people and a developing friendship. Alltough they are in one of the biggest cities in the world, they are very lonely. But together they finally live up.

# 5 A Beautiful Mind
A story about a brilliant man. But his genius mind made him go mad. Perfect acting work and a touching story.

# 4 There's Something About Mary
The funniest movie ever. Hilarious scenes, funny dialogues and quirky characters.

# 3 High Fidelity
I like music and I like talking about it, but Rob Gordon does it in his own special way. And the top fives he makes for everything is just great.

# 2 Forrest Gump
Hanks' best role and a wonderfull story. A man, who seems dumb and useless, achieves more than the average man. And he has one true love and love conquers everything!

# 1 The Shawshank Redemption
The best movie ever made! Beautiful story, perfect acting, brilliant acting and vivid music. I know "Forrest Gump" won the oscar for best picture once, but "The Shawshank Redemption" should have won it that year! Seven nominees and no wins, UNBELIEVABLE!

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