zondag 6 september 2009

Jim's best pranks

Do you know Jim Halpert? He's the character John Krasinski playes on "The Office". He's well known for his sweet and kind personality, but most of all his pranks!. Most of the time Dwight is his victem. Here are some of the best Jim Halpert pranks, in non specific order:

Wrapping Dwight's desk: For christmas Jim decides to give Dwight the best gift ever. He wraps up Dwight's own desk and basically everything on it.

Jello: Jim puts Dwight's office supplies in jello.

Secret alliance: There are rumors that Dunder Mufflin is downsizing. Dwight sets up a secret alliance with his arch enemy Jim. He ends up spying on co-workers while hiding in a cartbord box and having peroxide bleached blonde hair.

Health Care plan: Michael made Dwight look for a better health care plan for the company. He let's all the employees fill in a form with their deceases and allergies. Jim decides to make some of them up like Count Choculitis, Government- created nano- robot infection and Hydroplosion.

Vending machine: Jim puts all of Dwight's office suplies in the vending machine. Pam will buy his pencil cup and Jim will hand him over a bag of change so he can buy his stuff back, one nickle at a time.

Thursday or Friday: Dwight thinks it's friday, when it is actually thursday, and Jim decides to play along. With a little help from Pam they make Dwight still believe it's friday. Dwight, who never missed a day at work and was never late, shows up the next day.... late!

Where's my desk: Jim hides Dwight's desk in the men's bathroom. Funny: Jim trying to help him find it by asking: Where did you last see it?

The Vampire: Jim makes Dwight believe he's turning into a vampire

Fax from the Future: Jim sends Dwight faxes from "Future Dwight". Funny: Dwight batting a cup of coffee out of Stanley's hands, because it's "Poisened liquid".

Don't you just love a guy with a good sense of humour?

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