donderdag 10 september 2009

Will Ferrell vs. Mother Nature

Yesterday I saw a cool programm on Discovery Channel. Man vs. Wild (a.k.a. Ultimate Survuval), presented by Bear Grylls. He takes us on ultimate survival trips and had very handy tips for the audience, but this one was special. He had all over funny guy Will Ferrell with him. They were dropped somewhere in Sweden. They had to get out of the chopper, but it couldn't land. So they had to get out by hanging on a rope. Ferrell called out for his mommie! Hilarious. Later they had to make their own snowshoes, eat a deers eye, make fire and sleep in the cold snow. The funniest part was when the two guys had to climb back in the chopper, with a ladder. Ferrell couldn't do it, so he fell. He was hanging upside down from the ladder. That was very funny. Great episode....

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