dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Best of... Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one of the funniest actors ever. Most movie don't get that much credit, but I love 'em. Here are my favorites.

"The Wedding Singer"
My ultimate favorite Sandler film. It's set in the 80's and has great songs in it. Sung by Adam. Especially the one he wrote about his ex. The song he sings for Drew Barrymore is so super sweet. Who doesn't love Robbie Hart?

"Funny People"
A great combination of humor and a light form of drama. I really liked Adam in this film. Although he sometimes acts like a jerk, you sympathize him. And the part were he hears that song, that Seth Rogen downloaded for him, it was really touching.

"I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry"
I have to say that I didn't think much of it at first, but this movie made me laugh. Adam Sandler is great, but together with Kevin James he's even funnier. Who thought that could happen?

"Big Daddy"
This is one of the first Sandler films I saw. Adam plays daddy Sonny Koufax. I actually had a crush on him after seeing him in "Big Daddy".

"Punch- Drunk Love"
The first time we saw Adam in a serious role. I kinda felt sorry for him here. He's so endeering and sweet. But everyone thinks he's kinda crazy, when in real life he was actually a very smart and caring man. I liked this Adam.

"Billy Madison"
His childish aditutde kind of attracted me. He was so cute in this movie. He had to repeat all the grades in school, so he could take over his dads company. Silly story, but who cares? It's Adam Sandler!!!

"Anger Management"
The combo sounded strange: Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, that can't work. But it did. Goosefraba!

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