zondag 20 juni 2010

Best of... Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses of all time. Here are her best movies, according to me.

Her best role so far and she got a well deserved Academy Award for it. She looks awfull in this film, but that's her strength. She dares to look ugly for a role. That's a good actress!!

"North Country"
She also got an oscar nod for this role. She plays Josey Aimes, who works as a miner between only men. She experiences the hostile work environment and numerous and continuous insults and unwanted touching. You feel her sorrow, because she's so conving in her role.

"In te Valley of Elah"
Charlize plays a detective in this movie, who is trying to solve the disappearance of an army man. Strong, determined and trying to prove that a woman can do the job just as good as a man.

"Sweet November"
A lighter role, but such a sweet character Sara Deever is. Although most people dislike this film, it's one of my favorites in the genre.

"Reindeer Games"
Nothing is what it seems. That's the key to this movie. Theron plays her role very well and is the actual highlight of the film.

"Mighty Joe Young"
I love Charlize in this movie. Endeering, caring and free. And the story is just heartwarming. Kinda like a friendly version of "King Kong".

"The Devil's Advocate"
In the beginning of the film, her role isn't really that special. A loving wife who follows her husband to New York for a job as a hot shot lawyer. But then she breaks and her role is so emotionally convincing. Awesome!

"The Cider House Rules"
She impresses with her acting abilities. Again. Together with Michael Caine, she has the best role in this film. I think she was the reason I watched this in the first place, realizing that it was actually a good movie.

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