maandag 21 juni 2010

Supporting movie characters that should have their own spin-off

You know those characters in movies, that are actually more interesting or funnier then the leading characters in a movie? Well, I know a couple and I would like to share them with you and tell you why I think they deserve their own movie.

- Scrat ("Ice Age"): How cute is he, with his acorn. I love Sid, Manfred and Diego, but Scrat is the one that makes you laugh every single time he appears on your screen.
Title suggestions for his movie: "Dude, where's my acorn?" or "Go nuts".

- Lance Brumbder ("Orange County"): I just adore this movie, but Jack Black steals the show with his weird alter ego Lance.
Title suggestions for his movie: "The Life of Lance" or "Got Piss?"

- Perry von Shrike a.k.a. Gay Perry ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"): Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious in this movie, but we also love his sidekick Perry, played by Val Kilmer. I never thought that man could be this funny.
Title suggestions for his movie: "The Cop with his Faggot Gun" or "In Real Life This Job is Boring"

- Emily Chalton ("The Devil Wears Prada"): Everyone was so impressed with Meryl Streep, but she already impressed everyone around the globe. Emily Blunt was the one that caught my eye in this film.
Title suggestions for his movie: "Satan's little helper" or "Assisstant from Hell"

- Sgt. Dingham ("The Departed"): Great performance by former rapper Mark Wahlberg. Who would have thought. You don't wanna mess with him.
Title suggestions for his movie: "Dingham on Duty" or "The Guy Who Does the Job"

- Brick Tamland ("Anchorman"): No one can be that stupid, but boy do we love this dumb man.
Title suggestions for his movie: "I Love Lamp" or "Loud Noises"

- Mutt Williams ("Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"): This movie got a lot of negative respons. I liked it and Mutt was great.
Title suggestions for his movie: "Son of Indiana Jones" or "The Next Indiana Jones"

- Frank Ginsberg ("Little Miss Sunshine"): The suicidal and gay Frank. Not a fun character, but funny because he's so sad. I liked him from the beginning.
Title suggestions for his movie: "Who is Marcel Proust" or "Frantic Frank"

- Rex ("Toy Story"): Who doesn't love this dinosaur? Exactly...
Title suggestions for his movie: "Dinosaur Shaped Gifts" or "The Dinosaur that doesn't know how to spell F.B.I." (long movie titles are very hip right now)

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