vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Women in Controle

If I could have a group of female celebrity friends, I could think of a lot of women. And every single one of them had their own role in the group, like in every other circle of friends. My friend group would be like this:

The Leader Cate Blanchett
The Girly Girl Sophia Bush
The Curvy Lady Eva Mendes
The Sweetheart Sandra Bullock
The Seductive One Angelina Jolie
The Sexy One Scarlett Johansson
The Nerd Ellen Page
The Funny One Kristin Wiig
The Prom Queen Rachel McAdams
The Sporty One Cameron Diaz
The Cutie Kristen Bell
The Girl Next Door Jennifer Aniston
The Mom Naomi Watts
The Natural Beauty Evangeline Lilly
The Kick Ass Chick Charlize Theron
The Smart One Natalie Portman
The Faithfull One Jennifer Connelly
The Serious One Emily Blunt

Great group of friends right? Well, I have great friends in real life. Irene and Evelien are everything you can wish for in friends! With Irene being the Jennifer Connelly/ Natalie Portman and Evelien being the Cameron Diaz/ Sandra Bullock. Me, I would be Kristin Wiig/ Jennifer Aniston.

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