zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Movie Moments: "127 Hours"

This movie blew my mind when I saw it. Especially because of the great performance by James Franco. Here are my favorite moments from "127 Hours".

Moment # 1: Opening
We see how Aron gets ready for his trip to the Blue John in the Canyonlands. We hear the song “Never Hear Surf Music Again" by Free Blood.

Moment # 2: Aron meets Kristi and Megan
When Aron is climbing, he sees two girls. He sees that they’re lost and their names are Kristi and Megan. Aron offers to take them to the Dome, the place they were looking for. The girls accept Aron’s help.

Moment # 3: Climb and squeeze
Aron tells Kristi and Megan that he knows how to get to the Dome, but he knows an ever cooler way to get there. The most fun they will have with their clothes on. They have to climb and squeeze though. The three have to get between two rocks, but Aron lets go and drops. Kristi and Megan are afraid that something happened to him, but when they hear his voice they know he’s fine. He dropped into a beautiful blue pool of water. Kristi also dares to let go and Megan follows pretty soon.

Moment # 4:Aron gets stuck
After leaving Kristi and Megan, Aron starts to climb down a canyon. Suddenly a rock comes loose, falls and roles on his arm. Aron is stuck. First he doesn’t really realize what happened, he tries to move the rock and screams for help. No one will hear him.

Moment # 5: Sunshine
The sun comes up and Aron enjoys the feeling of the warmth on his skin. It reminds him of his dad, when he was younger. Unfortunately the sunshine only lasts for 15 minutes.

Moment # 6: Do not lose it
Aron is filming himself, a video for the people who find him. When he hears something he starts screaming for help. It was nothing, but when Aron sees himself on the camera he tells himself not to lose it.

Moment # 7: Good morning everyone!
When the morning breaks, Aron starts filming himself hosting a morning show. He starts interviewing himself, admitting that he was selfish for not telling anyone where he was going. Oops…

Moment # 8: The only sulotion
Aron knows the only way to get out of there is to cut of his arm. First he has to break the bones and cut the nerves. His will to live is much stronger than his fear of the pain. He manages to cut his arm of and escapes the canyon.

Moment # 9: Aron finds help
When Aron gets out he still has to walk all the way back. Aron finally finds help, they make sure he gets water and they send him a helicopter to take him home. The song "Festival" by Sigur Ros is playing.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 3: Climb and squeeze

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