donderdag 15 maart 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Disney Pixar Characters

I think I stated my love for Disney Pixar movies more often, so this weeks top 5 is dedicated to them. Not the movies, but its characters. Here are my five favorite characters from Disney Pixar.

5. Mr. Potato Head (“Toy Story”)
His range of visible emotions is restricted to the accessories he stores in his backside, but most of them will be some variation on grumpy and superior. Unless he's talking to his Mrs, in which case fearful is the order of the day. He’s hilarious and cracks me up everytime.

4. Edna Mode (“The Incredibles”)
Because she's FAH-bulous, dahling. The best Pixar characters can steal a whole movie in a few minutes of screen time and few do this better than Edna, superhero costume designer extraordinaire. Her wit is as sharp as her fringe.

3. Rex (“Toy Story”)
This plastic dinosaur may be stupid, but he's loyal and true to his friends, and that's what counts. But don't make fun of his little arms. He's very sensitive about his little arms. And the memorable line: “How do you spell F.B.I.?”

2. Dory (“Finding Nemo”)
One of Pixar's most loveable characters, Dory may not be able to remember anything that happened more than 5 seconds ago, we will never forget about her. Dory is such a kind character, she just has a very big problem.

1. Mike Wazowski (“Monsters Inc.”)
He might look like a tennisball after a radioactive encounter, but Mike is the most hilarious, cute, funny and witty character Disney Pixar ever created. Just a sidekick, but a kick-ass sidekick!

They almost made the top 5: AliĆ«ns (“Toy Story”), Hamm (“Toys Story”), Crush (“Finding Nemo”), Wall-E, Dug (“Up”), Mater (“Cars”)

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