maandag 20 mei 2013

Movie Moments: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

If anyone knows humor, it’s the British. And most specifically the gang of Monty Python. In this movie they try to get the answer to what’s the meaning of life. Off course in their own silly way.

Moment # 1: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
We meet the employees of an assurance company, who are not treated that well. After one of them gets fired, they decide to fight back.

Moment # 2: The machine that goes “Ping”
A woman is about to deliver a baby and two doctors think the delivery room looks a little empty. They decided to fill it with all sorts of machines, including the machine that goes “Ping”, what happens to be the most expensive machine in the entire hospital. We’re not quite sure what it does, besides go “Ping”.

Moment # 3: Every sperm is sacred
A father of many is trying to explain the Catholic church to his children, with a musical number.

Moment # 4: Sex education
A schoolteacher is giving sex education, by actually having sex with his wife in front of his students. His class isn’t quite as interested as you would think.

Moment # 5: Live organ transplantation
Two shady guys ring a doorbell. They ask the man who answers for his liver, but he doesn’t want to donate it. So they start operating him, while he’s still awake. His wife walks in and doesn’t think anything abnormal is going on, while her husband is still being butchered. The wife and one of the so called doctors have a very normal conversation.

Moment # 6: Mr. Creosote
An extremely fat man, named Mr. Creosote, walks into a restaurant. He asks for a bucket because he has to throw up. Which he does, multiple times and he still eats and orders food. When he’s done eating, the waiter offers him a very thin chocolate. Mr.Creosote declines because he’s stuffed, but after insisting he eats it anyway. Then he explodes.

Moment # 7: Death
Death knocks on a door and a married couple opens. They invite Death in, while they are having diner with some American friends. They start a conversation, when Death tries to explain to them that he’s coming for them. One of the guests wonders how they can all die at the same time and Death point at the salmon mousse.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 5: Live organ transplantation

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