zondag 23 juni 2013

DVD Collection Update (4)

I bought a lot of new movies this time. In total I purchased 7 movies and 1 TV-show.

First I got a movie that I already saw in the cinema. "Django Unchained" is another great film directed by Quentin Tarantino. I just had to have it when I saw it.

I was in the mood for some Sam and Dean time. Ok, especially Dean, but "Supernatural" is one of my favorite TV-shows and I've bee following this series since its beginning. I'm glad to have season 7 in my possession now.

For some reason this movie was on my wishlist for quite some time now. I just wanted to see Jessica Chastain in a leading role. I saw it just recently and I haveto say that it was pretty good. Better then "The Hurt Locker". And Chastain is fantastic in "Zero Dark Thirty".

My brother keeps telling me I should see "The Road". I bumped into the DVD, when I wan't looking for any, so Lucky me. Not seen it yet, but looking forward to it.

This classic movie was screaming for my attention. I've only seen it once, but I'm glad to add this film t my collection. And it's the redux version, so it has 49 minutes of extra scenes that we didn't see in the original version of "Apocalypse Now".

I was planning in buying it when I walked into the store. I love Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn so I have high expectations. Cant wait to see it.

I was on my way to go see it, when I realized it was playing in theatres anymore. That sucked. So when I saw it in the store (I thoughtit was not for another week 'till its release) I grabbed it. "Silver Linings Playbook" is one of those movies that, before even seeing it, I know I will like. Can't wait to see Jennifer Lawrence's Academy Award winning performance.

I finally completed the series! I don't know why it took m this long, but for some reason I never got a hold on it.

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