maandag 10 juni 2013

Movie Moments: "The 40 Year-Old Virgin

This movie is so funny and we can thank Steve Carell for that. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job. Here are my favorite moments from “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”.

Moment # 1: Meet Andy
We meet Andy, who wakes up with a huge boner. He starts working out, making breakfast, talking to his elderly neighbors. Andy is a nice guy with absolutely no social life.

Moment # 2: The guys find out
Andy is invited to a pokergame with his co-worker from Smart Tech. They start talking about sex and when they ask Andy about his sex adventures, they find out he’s still a virgin.

Moment # 3: Andy’s fulfilling life
Andy tries to explain to Dave why he doesn’t need to get laid. He has a very fulfilling life. We see him playing the tuba, painting miniatures, playing videogams, singing karaoke and reading comic books.

Moment # 4: Andy and the drunk lady
Andy picked up a woman in a bar. She had a little to much to drink, but she drives Andy anyway. Seems that she is a very reckless driver and a bit crazy too.

Moment # 5: Waxing
Jay advices Andy to get his chest waxed, so Jay, Dave and Cal join him when Andy goes to a waxing salon. And it hurts like hell.

Moment # 6: Condoms
Andy went on a date with Trish and they end up in her bed. When Trish is going to the bathroom Andy has to put on a condom, but he has no idea how to use them. He uses a lot of them, but it doesn’t work out. And then Trish’ daughter walks in.

Moment # 7: Health clinic
Andy takes Trish’ daughter Marla to a health clinic, to learn about birth control. He sees a model of a vagina and when he picks it up it falls apart and he can’t put it together anymore.

Moment # 8: Heat of the moment
Andy and Trish had a fight and she gets in her car and drives off. Andy follows her on his bike, but Trish is to fast. He takes a shortcut, but when a huge billboard pops out of nowhere he flies trough it.

Moment # 9: Hair medley
After Andy’s big moment, all the characters start singing a medley from the musical Hair.

Favorite Moment: : Moment# 5: Waxing

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