woensdag 26 juni 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Breakfast Club

One of those 80's movies. Love 80's movies! Not a lot spectacular happens here, but I love the character development. So this movie is perfect for this item.

Andrew Clark
Played by: Emilio Estevez
Andrew is the jock, the athlete, the cool sports guy. His father wants him to do well in sports and thinks this is the only thing Andrew can do.

John Bender
Played by: Judd Nelson
Bender is a rebel or a criminal as many call him. He is feared, but it’s only a shell he’s hiding in. His home life isn’t all that great, his dad is abusive, so this is how he compensates.

Claire Standish
Played by: Molly Ringwald
Claire is called the princess, because she only cares about appearance. But deep inside there is an insecure girl just trying to make it in this world. Claire is actually sick of what other people think of her and having to do whatever her friends do.

Brian Johnson
Played by: Anthony Michael Hall
Brian is the ‘nerd’, but he’s just a very smart guy with a good heart. He gets nervous when he scores under an A and is a member of the chess club, math club and physics club.

Allison Reynolds
Played by: Ally Sheedy
Allison is the invisible girl, the crazy one. She has weird habits, like how she eats a sandwich, but she also has a creative talent. The reason she doesn’t socialize is because her connection with her parents is also very distant.

Favorite Character: John Bender

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