zondag 22 december 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

A movie filled with experienced Brittish actors and actresses, a perfect mix of drama and comedy. And also full of great characters worth talking about. Here are the characters from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.

Evelyn Greenslade
Played by: Judi Dench
Evelyn is a housewife who just lost her husband. She has to sell her house to pay off her husband’s debt. Evelyn’s son wants her to stay with him so he can take care of her, but instead she starts writing a blog and travels to India.

Douglas Ainslee
Played by Bill Nighy
Douglas is an optimist. He wants to see more of the world and likes to explore. Douglas is very loyal and that’s how he kept his wife for 39 years. He invested all of his lifesavings in his daughter’s internet business, so they can only afford a small beige bungalow.

Jean Ainslee
Played by: Penelope Wilton
Married to Douglas, Jean is the opposite. She is a pessimist. Jean hates everything about India, the poverty, smell, food, noise. Instead of exploring like Douglas, she stays inside the intire stay and just wants to return to England.

Muriel Donnelly
Played by: Maggie Smith
Muriel is an ex-housekeeper. She needs a new hip and although she is a bitter racist she decides to travel to India for a quick treatment. There Muriel discovers a different life and also learns to respect the culture.

Graham Dashwood
Played by: Tom Wilkinson
Graham is a retired High court judge. He’s been to India before and he finally returns. And he returns for a reason, because he had found love there the first time around. He is determined to find the man he loved for so many years.

Norman Cousins
Played by: Ronald Pickup
Norman is a womanizer, he likes his girls young. He can’t accept his own age, so he decides to make a new start in India.

Madge Hardcastle
Played by: Celia Imrie
Madge has been married several times and isn’t going to stop. She thinks she won’t find a man in England so she decides to travel to India to find fun, adventure and a new husband.

Sonny Kapoor
Played by: Dev Patel
Sonny is the owner of the Marigold hotel. Although it doesn’t look like a succeful business, Sonny is very ambitious and he sees his future in the hotel. His determination makes him unwilling to ask for help.

Favorite Character: Douglas Ainslee

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