maandag 9 december 2013

Movie Moments: "Invictus"

Nelson Mandela's death really had an impact. On the whole world. He was a fantastic man. So I rewatched "Invictus" this weekend and decided to share my favorite moments with you.

Moment # 1: Legitimate question
On his morning walk, Nelson Madela sees todays paper with the headline: Can he run a country? His guards don't understand that the people are putting Mandela under so much pressure after just one day. Mandela thinks it's a legitimate question.

Moment # 2: Mandela greets audience
Mandela makes an appearance at the England-Springboks rugby match. First he greets the players and then walks into the audience to greet them personaly.

Moment # 3: Keep the Springboks
Mandela tells the members of the ANC why keeping the Springboks is so important.

Moment # 4: The invitation
Springboks captain Francois Pienaar is invited for tea with Nelson Mandela. Mandela wants to talk to him about rugby and leadership. after the visit Francois thinks Mandela wants the Springboks to win the World Cup.

Moment # 5: Clinic
Mandela requested for the Springboks to give a rugby clinic to the kids in the townships. They aren't happy about it, but when they start the clinic they really enjoy it.

Moment # 6: Springboks visit Robbenisland
After their early run, the Springboks visit Robbenisland. Francois also visits the cell where Mandela was prisoned for so many years.

Moment # 7: Bodyguards play rugby (no picture)
Mandela looks outside of his window and sees his bodyguards play rugby together. At first they couldn't stand each other.

Moment # 8: Good luck Bokke
An airplane is flying towards the stadium right before the world cup final. The bodyguards are worried and want to get Mandela safe. When the plane flies over the stadium, it reads "Good luck Bokke".

Moment # 9: Springboks win
After an exciting final gainst the all blacks from New Zealand, the Springboks win and are the rugby world champions.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 9: Springboks win

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