dinsdag 4 maart 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 39: App

Director: Bobby Boermans
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 82 minutes
Year: 2013
Starring: Hannah Hoekstra, Robert de Hoog, Matthijs van de Sande-Bakhuyzen, Isis Cabolet, Alex Hendrickx, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Mark van Eeuwen, Harry van Rijthoven, Liza Sips, Patrick Martens, Gigi Ravelli

Description: The young psychology student Anna (Hannah Hoekstra) is drawn into the dark and fearful world of a diabolic and mysterious App that starts to terrorize her, distributing compromising photographs, videos and text messages about herself and delves deeper and deeper into her personal life, flawlessly exposing all of her deepest secrets.

Review: The movie “App” reminded me of “De Lift” from 1983, where a piece of technology takes over and terrorizes mankind. But the makers of this film based it on the modern world using smart phones, social media and apps. For a Dutch movie, it’s a solid thriller.
The story is simple: When student Anna downloads a new app for her phone, the app starts terrorizing her and ruins her life and of the people around her. The movie is fast paced, surprising and grim. The violence is pretty explicit, but compared to Hollywood it stays in its comfort zone. At first the app seems innocent, but then strange things start to happen. Sending compromising videos that weren’t meant to be send, showing images on every screen around you and making noise when you didn’t even touch it. Later on it starts to become more serious, but for the viewer it becomes more unbelievable by the minute. It seems like this app is living its own life and even though it’s fiction it never convinces me.
The cast is young and fresh, with Hannah Hoesktra being the star of the film. Her performance is energetic and grabbing. She was also in “Freddy, Leven in de Brouwerij”, so I think her future in Dutch film is going to look good. “App” is an okay film for a thrilling movie night, but it doesn’t stick.

Rating: 2,5/ 5

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