zondag 13 april 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "The World's End"

I finally saw it this year and it met my expectations. It’s a fantastic comedy, this is how comedies should be made! And it also brought some great characters. Here are the characters from “The World’s End”.

Gary King
Played by: Simon Pegg
Gary King is a middle-aged recovering drug addict. He is still stuck in his teenage life, because he wants to get the old group of friends together again. Gary is determined to finally finish “The Golden Mile” because they didn’t manage that back in the days.

Andy Knightley
Played by: Nick Frost
Andy used to be Gary’s best friend, but nowadays Andy is a more serious man. He is a lawyer. Andy doesn’t want to be a part of the reunion, but when he starts feeling sorry for Gary he decides to take part anyway.

Oliver Chamberlain
Played by: Martin Freeman
Oliver is a serious business man, an estate agent, who is still working while trying to finish “The Golden Mile” with the guys. He only got into the group because Gary thought his sister Sam was hot.

Steven Prince
Played by: Paddy Considine
Steven used to be Gary’s fellow rock star in training. They were very similar when they were kids: Cool, good-looking and both into Oliver’s sister Sam. Steven is now an architectural consultant and hasn’t heard from Gary for a very long time.

Peter Page
Played by: Eddie Marsan
Peter is from a wealthy family and that was the only reason Gary wanted to be friends with him. As a child, Peter was bullied and when he revisits New Haven he sees his bully again.

Sam Chamberlain
Played by: Rosemund Pike
Sam is Oliver’s sister and caught the eye of both Gary and Steven. Gary had a fling with her when they were younger, but she always regretted that. Nowadays she is more into Steven.

Favorite Character: Gary King

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