dinsdag 29 april 2014

Movie Moments: "The Lion King"

I remember the time when I saw it in theatres, it was for a kids party. I was speechless, it was a breathtaking experience. And still, after so many years, it’s one of the most amazing Disney animations I’ve ever seen. Here are my favorite moments.

Moment # 1: The Circle of Life
The sun rises in Africa and all the animals living there wake up. Lion king Mufasa is presenting his son Simba.

Moment # 2: Simba learns how to hunt
Mufasa is trying to teach Simba how to hunt and they use Zazou as prey. The talkative bird is giving the last news to Mufasa, without knowing that Simba is lurking him. All of a sudden Simba strikes, which leaves Zazou shocked and angry.

Moment # 3: I Just Can’t Wait to Be King
Simba and Nala are trying to go to the elephant graveyard, but they are stuck with Zazou. On theire way, Simba tells Nala how he’s going to be king someday. And he is very excited about that.

Moment # 4: Elephant graveyard
Simba and Nala have arrived at the elephant graveyard. Simba says he isn’t scared of anything, but then three hyena’s join them. They are after the two lion cubs. When Simba and Nala are both cornered, Mufasa is there to save them.

Moment # 5: Be Prepared
Scar is planning to take out the king, his brother Mufasa. He’s not doing it alone, he needs the help of all the hyenas.

Moment # 6: The stampede
Scar has lured Simba to a place where he’s supposed to get a surprise. What he doesn’t know is that a huge stampede is coming towards him.

Moment # 7: Mufasa dies
Mufasa is trying to save Simba, but dies. Scar makes Simba think it was his fault, but Scar killed his own brother so he can be king.

Moment # 8: Hakuna Matata
Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog. They teach him the new life lesson “Hakuna Matata”, which means 'no worries'..

Moment # 9: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Simba is attacked by a female lion. He realizes it’s Nala. She always thought Simba was dead.

Moment # 10: Simba meets Rafiki
Rafiki knows that Simba is still alive and tries to find him. When he does, Rafiki is trying to get Simba back to the Pride Lands, where Scar has ruined everything with his kingdom. Simba finds Rafiki very annoying.

Moment # 11: The final fight
Simba confronts Scar. He finds out that Scar killed his father and takes him down. Or actually his ‘friends’ the hyean’s do it for him.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 1 : The Circle of Life

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