donderdag 6 november 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Products to Cook with

This is a complete different top 5 then you’re used to from me. It’s about food and cooking, something I’ve started to love ever since I live on my own. I choose to share with you my favourite products to cook with.

5. Onions
The shallot is my favourite onion, because of the sweet flavour. But I have all sorts of onions in my pantry, always. They bring so much flavour to you dish and for some reason, I never cry when chopping them.

4. Garlic
I think, of all the days in the week I cook a meal, I use it in five dishes. I love garlic!! Cooked and raw. A bit of garlic can change the entire dish for the better.
3. Cheese
Parmesan is fantastic, but I also love mascarpone, cream cheese, mozzarella, goats cheese. You might say I’m a cheese fanatic! And it’s so versatile, you can use it in so many different ways.
2. Lemon
I use lemon a lot. With pasta, fish, pastry, salads. It’s always great to give your dish an extra kick.
1. Pasta
All sorts of pasta, I just love them all. I’ve come to love the Italian cuisine and I cook pasta at least twice a week. I’ve also made it myself a couple of times, which I would do more often if I had the time.
They Almost Made the Top 5: Chocolate, zucchini, chilli, capsicum, mushrooms

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