donderdag 20 november 2014

Top 5 Thursday: TV Detectives

I always like a good detective story. I like the mystery, the unknown and how it all unravels eventually. TV has brought us many great detectives and here are my favourites (and I’m not counting “CSI” because they are technically not detectives).

5. Fox Mulder (“The X-File”)
Cases of the paranormal. I always liked how Mulder did his job. He was the believer and his partner Dana Scully was a skeptic.

4. Sonny Crockett (“Miami Vice”)
In a sun-dappled '80s fantasy Miami where even the walls of the police station were painted neon, Sonny Crockett in impeccable clothes drove fast cars and sleek boats, going deep undercover each week in drug gangs, terrorist cells, and prostitution rings.

3. Olivia Benson (“Law and Order: SVU”)
This world is basically ruled by men, by Olivia Benson easily keeps with them. She channels her inner demons into an ongoing struggle to avenge the innocent.

2. Rust Cohle (“True Detective”)
You might as well call him Rust Cool. Far out the coolest detective ever. Although he’s a bit unconventional, it’s really hard not to like this guy.

1. Sherlock Holmes (“Sherlock”)
No one solves a murder mystery like Sherlock Holmes. If we could only see how this man thinks and how his brain works. I think no one will ever understand Sherlock Holmes fully.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Magnum (“Magnum P.I.”), Jesscia Tandy (“Murder She Wrote”), Vic Mackey (“The Shield”)

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