zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Movie Moments : "Juno"

Juno is a quirky and whip-sharp teenager who gets pregnant after having sex with Bleeker once. This story is so fun, I love this movie. One of those films that puts a smile on my face! Here are my favorite moments from “Juno”.

Moment # 1: Opening credits
One of the best opening credits of a movie ever. We see Juno walk on the street with a big can of orange juice.

Moment # 2: Pregnant
At the drug store Juno is taking a pregnancy test. And yes, she is knocked up!

Moment # 3: Telling Bleeker
The guy who she had sex with, only once, is Bleeker. He’s is also the one getting her pregnant. Juno decides to tell him in a very unconventional yet Juno way.

Moment # 4: Telling her parents
Juno has to tell her father and stepmom. She also is stating that she will give up the baby for adoption. Her dad is really surprised that she slept with Bleeker and her stepmom is right on hands on with the arrangements.

Moment # 5: Meeting Vanessa and Mark
In the Pennysaver Juno found the perfect adoption parents for her baby. Together with her dad she is about to meet Vanessa and Mark Loring. Soon Juno realizes that it’s Vanessa one wish to become a mother.

Moment # 6: Snap
Together with her best friend Leah and her stepmother, Juno is going for an ultra sound. The doctor helping her seems very prejudice and judges Juno. Juno’s stepmom doesn’t accept that and shuts her up. Snap!
Moment # 7: Vanessa talks to the baby
Juno and Leah are at the mall when the bump into Vanessa. She asks Juno if she can touch the belly after Juno feels the baby kick. When Vanessa feels, she doesn’t feel the baby and decides to talk to it.

Moment # 8: Mark leaves Vanessa
Juno visits Mark and he tells her some bad news. He wants to leave Vanessa, because her dream isn’t his. Juno is mad, because her plan goes to shit now.

Moment # 9: Orange Tic Tacs
After realizing Bleeker is the guy for her, Juno decides to make a giant romantic gesture. She fills Bleeker’s mailbox with orange Tic Tacs, his favorite.

Moment # 10: Juno and Bleeker kiss
After the Tic Tac gesture, Juno tells Bleeker she is in love with him and they kiss.

Moment # 11: The delivery
The time has come, Juno is about to deliver the baby. Stepmom Bren and best friend Leah support her and Juno delivers a boy. She doesn’t want to hold him.

Moment # 12: Vanessa is a mom
Finally Vanessa is a mom and she can’t wait to hold her son. Bren sees her and sees the baby is in good hands.

Moment # 13: The note
What we didn’t see was the note Juno wrote for Vanessa. She wrote: Vanessa, if you’re still in, I’m still on. Vanessa framed it for the baby’s room.

Moment # 14: Juno and Bleeker sing
Juno is back in shape an races of to Bleeker. Together they play guitar and sing a lovely song.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 12: Vanessa is a mom

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