donderdag 12 februari 2015

Top 5 Thursday: Hollywood's Best Chris

My favorite Chris is my friend Chris, but when it comes to Hollywood, there are a lot of men called Chris that I really like and love. Here is a list of my favorites (not including Christian, Christopher, etc.).
5. Chris O’Dowd
I first saw him on “The IT-Crowd” and I thought he was hilarious. Now he’s getting more movie roles like in “The Boat that Rocked”, “Bridesmaids” and “Cuban Fury”. Still waiting for that leading role though.
4. Chris Pine
Now he has played Prince Charming in ”Into the Woods”, he’s definitely one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. But he has been in some amazing movies. Off course as Captain James T. Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot, but also in action movies ”Unstoppable” and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” and I loved the pretty unknown “People Like Us”.
3. Chris Evans
Chris Evans plays my favourite Marvel superhero and I loved both Captain America movies. And what about “The Avengers”. And wasn’t “Snowpiercer” a very underrated movie? And Chris Evans has a killer smile!
2. Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt is all over the place. We already loved him in “Parks & Recreation”, but he has done some great movies. “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Her”, “The Lego Movie” and of course “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Can’t wait to see him in “Jurassic World and he is even rumoured to play Indiana Jones.
1. Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is my favourite Chris for so many reasons. He is Thor, which is awesome. He was in one of the most surprising horror movies f the past 10 years, being “Cabin in the Woods”. His performance in “Rush” was award worthy and it was one of my favourite movies of 2013. He was also in “The Avengers” and I actually liked “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Can’t wait to see him in “In the Heart of the Sea”. And off course Chris Hemsworth is super-hot!
They Almost Made the Top 5: Chris Rock

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