donderdag 14 april 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 48: Last Tango in Paris

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Runtime: 136 minutes
Year: 1972
Starring: Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Maria Michi, Giovanna Galletti, Gitt Magrini, Catherine Allégret, Luce Marqueand, Marie-Hélène Breillat, Catherine Breillat, Massimo Girotti

Description: A young Parisian woman (Maria Schneider) meets a middle-aged American businessman (Marlon Brando) who demands their clandestine relationship be based only on sex.

Review: Before I saw “Last Tango in Paris” I heard a lot of controversy about this film and read positive reviews, with an exception here and there. Well, I’m the exception too, because although I wanted to like this film, I truly didn’t. It looks good, but I can’t consider it a classic.
First, the plot. There is none. They get away with it because of the great performance by Marlon Brando. But the characters are not likeable and I couldn’t relate to any of them. And the dialogues sometimes felt silly to me.
Brando has done some great films and I love him as an actor. But “Last Tango in Paris” is just not one of those movies. And most of the time when I don’t like a film that is highly praised, I get why people love it. With this one I just don’t. It’s probably just me.

Rating: 2/ 5

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