zaterdag 2 april 2016

100 Movie Challenge 2016 - # 40: Rashomon

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Genre: Drama/ Crime/ Thriller
Runtime: 88 minutes
Year: 1950
Starring: Toshirô Mifune, Machiko Kyô, Masayuki Mori, Takashi Shimura, Minoru Chiaki, Kichijiro Yeda, Fumiko Honma, Daisuke Katô

Description: A heinous crime and its aftermath are recalled from differing points of view.

Review: In 12th century Japan a lumberjack hides out during a rainy day in Rashômon. A priest keeps him company and another man joins them. The lumberjack keeps mumbling that he doesn’t understand. He tells the other men that three days before he found a trail of objects, starting with the hat of a woman and ending with the dead body of samurai Takehiro. After the arrest of the infamous crook Tajômary, who admits to committing the crime, a court case follows. The people involved in the crime tell how they saw it happen.
“Rashomon” won the Academy Award for best Foreighn Film. Understandable. How the story really happened is kept in the dark for a long time, as a viewer you have to pay attention.
The overly dramatic acting is not for everyone, it bothered me a bit. But the film is done very well and nothing is as it seems. It’s even not clear for a long time, who is the actual victim. And this question can be answered in many ways.

Rating: 3,5/ 5

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